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Your people deliver our 90-minute workshops, designed for habit change.

Don’t get us wrong, we love delivering training for you. But we respect that there are just too many good reasons not to put your people in the driver’s seat.

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When training fails, it’s most likely because: 

Reason Nº1

The training just isn’t good enough.

Reason Nº2

There is no strategic or management support for the training.

Reason Nº3

The follow-through was not well-designed.

Train the Trainer Formula provides a tested and effective solution for all three training issues.

The training just isn’t good enough.

93% of the participants recommend this workshop to their peers.

78% of the pariticipants report the development of a new impactful habit 6 months after the workshop.

There is no strategic or management support for the training.

Our workshops are delivered by your managers.

The follow-through was not well-designed.

Our workshops are designed for habit change and focus on the evidence-based smallest habits with the biggest possible impact.

How does it work?

Step 1: 90-minute Habit Activation Workshop (Choose from our list of habit workshops)

Step 2 and 3 (optional): Habit coaching

Blended habit coaching program:

  • Online habit training
  • Personal habit coaching (2 sessions)
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Success Is Not Left Up To Chance

How does it work?

We provide different options for supporting your people in the delivery of our habit-change focused workshops:

Light (focus on delivery within team, key goal is dialogue): 2-hour coaching

Basic (focus on delivery for larger groups, key goals are creating awareness and cultural change): 1-day Train the Trainer program

In-depth (focus on delivery for larger groups, cultural change and the development of high quality internal trainers): 4-day Train the Trainer program (including practice sessions, video-coaching and on-the-job coaching)

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