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Does Training Not Create the Change and Buzz You Want?

Are you all too familiar with the knowing-doing gap often left by training?

Do people struggle to change their habits after training?

Is it challenging to get your managers to support your training programs?

Is it feasible and desirable to outsource all your strategic learning efforts to an external provider?

We feel your pain!

If you’re still delivering expensive training programs with little visible lasting behaviorable change as a result… Stop the madness!

How to fix it?

Train your people in our 90-minute workshops!

What makes these bite-sized learning interventions so powerful?

  • Highly interactive and action-packed
  • Designed for habit change: focused on the evidence-based smallest habits with the biggest impact

How Does it Work?

Step 1

Your people, delivering these sessions, get access to our Train the Trainer Online platform. Here they will find everything they need for a smooth preparation, delivery and follow-up of the workshop.

Prepare for success

Detailed running master (providing all the information required for delivering this session, no extra research or reading required)

Short video’s with our trainers explaining exercises and frameworks

Invitation emails including prep work to get people excited and in reflection mode

Practical checklist because success is in the details

Deliver a high-quality and high-energy workshop

Beautiful lay-outed visuals, exercise sheets, assessments, etc.

How does it work?

Follow-up to set people up for success

Shownotes including all the resources on which the session is based, for those participants who want to dig deeper or are interested in the evidence-based foundation of the key habits mentioned in the session.

Short recap of how to continue with habit creation after the workshop

Exercise sheets for follow-through with the team or other people (if applicable)

Step 2

We will support your people in delivering and customizing the workshop.

CUTE Habit Ambassador

Everyone in your organization can become an ambassador!

Main focus: delivery of informal habit activation workshops that inspire dialogue and habit activation

2 hour coaching

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CUTE Habit Trainer

Develop internal trainers that can deliver habit activation workshops to CUTE standards (inspiring, impactful, fun and activating).

Main focus: delivery of habit activation workshops that support cultural change programs or formal learning programs.

2-day Train the Trainer program (including practice sessions, video-coaching and on-the-job coaching)

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CUTE Certified Habit Coach

Develop internal habit coaches that can take teams from intention to sustainable habit change.

Main focus: habit coaching and follow-through after habit activation workshops resulting in sustainable habit change.

4-day blended learning program (including online training, 2-day training and 2 peer-coaching sessions)

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Step 3

Contact us! CUTE workshops are great for habit activation and will get your people focused, energized and set up for success through skillful habit design.


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