Train The Trainer Formula

Empower your managers and individual contributors to change the habits within their team or your company. Our evidence-based and client approved 90-minute workshops can easily be delivered by your own people, building habits and habit change ambassadors at the same time. 

90-minute workshops are exciting, inspiring and action-packed learning experiences that kickstart habit change.

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Workshops Tested and Approved by 100+ clients

Loved by 100.000+ participants

With a net promoter score of 90% and habit change of 78%, learners are more productive, more focused and happier in todays ever-changing working environment.

Why Choose for Train The Trainer Formula?

Of course you can always have a CUTESolutions trainer facilitate your internal training programs, which is the more traditional method. People will probably love it and become fans. But isn’t it even better to give this opportunity to your own people? Nothing keeps your people as happy and committed as giving them purpose and helping them build powerful internal connections.

Empowering Your Own People

Motivated individuals with no prior experience as a trainer can deliver inspiring workshops thanks to Train the Trainer Formula.


Creating Habit Ambassadors

For every cultural change, your organization needs new habits. Trainers will become passionate habit ambassadors.

15+ Years of Train the Trainer Experience

At CUTESolutions, we have a proven track record of turning motivated individuals into inspiring and effective trainers.

20+ Cutting-Edge 90-Minute Workshops

Our team of 15 designers and testers always keep content and formats up to date with innovative business and learning trends. 

Real Measurable Habit Change

90-minute workshops are powerful mindset interventions, even one session can be enough to change habits permanently. 

Powerful Networking Experiences

90-minute workshops are high-energy and action-packed, making optimal use of the power of groups and dialogue.

Most trainings do not result in measurable and sustainable habit change and that is because they are not designed to.

What's included in the Train The Trainer Formula?

You will have access to 20+ 90-minute training workshops to help your company develop habit ambassadors.

High Quality Visuals and Presentation

For each topic, everything is provided for your internal trainers. Enabling them to deliver a 90-minute workshop on their own:

  • Communication materials (such as invitation)
  • Trainer to-do list on how to prepare for, deliver and follow up on the session
  • Running master (detailed outline of the session, complete with timings and step-by-step guidelines on how to brief and debrief exercises)
  • Presentation with high quality visuals
  • Pre-work and follow-up assignments
  • Assessment(s) if applicable
  • Show-notes to send out after the session
  • Resources to become an expert in the topic

Each 90-minute workshop stands on its own as an insightful and powerful learning experience. For optimal habit change results follow up with two habit coaching sessions is advised. Our format for habit coaching is offered as an extra bonus in Train the Trainer Formula!

Top Notch Coaching

Your people will receive top notch coaching to help prepare for their session or to become a certified CUTESolutions 90-minute Workshop trainer.

CUTE Habit Trainer

Access to the content platform

Preparation by the participant

Two hour coaching session by CUTE expert trainer

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CUTE Habit Trainer

Access to the content platform

Preparation by the participant

Two day Train the Trainer Program that focuses on the delivery of one specific topic (including practice sessions, video-coaching and on-the-job coaching)

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CUTE Habit Certified Coach

Access to the content platform

Preparation by the participant

Two preparatory webinars

4-day blended learning program (including online training, 2-day training and 2 peer-coaching sessions)

One review session (shadowing by CUTE expert trainer via recording or live)

One day Train the Trainer Update annual training to maintain certification


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