How Are Those New Year's Resolutions Going?

You will be so fired-up with inspiration after watching this year's SXSW workshop on "How to Create New Habits", that you will have more new intentions for redesigning your life than you usually have in a year! But actually building those new habits that bring you closer to your ambitions, can be the tricky part. 88% of all attempts to change our habits fail. If you truly want to improve your performance, you’ll need to understand how habit change really works. Don't count on motivation or pure willpower, as you will discover, these will contribute surprisingly little to our chances of successfully achieving our ambitions.


Learn how to create a habit in 5 simple steps.

Unfortunately, habit design is a counter-intuitive process, that’s why most people find themselves failing when trying to install the new habits, however motivated they are to change these habits! However, there is a simple evidence-based 5-step tool for habit design that doubles your chances for success right off the bat. Don't miss this life-changing workshop. Turn the 88% habit creating failure rate upside down. 

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