Workshops and Topics

There is a gap between what we know, what we want, and what we actually do. 

The Train The Trainer Formula closes that gap. Find out more.

90-Minute Workshops

Train The Trainer Core

Putting Situational Leadership into Practice

Giving Feedback and Feedforward

How to Build New Habits

Communicating with Different People

Creating a Feedback Culture

Winning 30% More Time

Assertive Communication in the Workplace

Asking the Right Coaching Questions

Agile Performance Management

Managing Stress and Energy

Influencing and Convincing

Design Thinking and Innovation

Delivering Your Message

Communicating With Impact

TED Storytellling

Managing Change

Leadership in NWOW

60-Minute Workshops

Strategic Time Management

Our Habit Elves are Busy Working On

Distributed Team Success

Working Towards Results, Not Inputs


Making and Following up on Team Agreements

Principled Negotiation

Meeting Skills

Consultative Selling

Meet the CUTE team

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